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Ruud Van den Bos Stress, anxiety and decision-making: human and animal studies using the Iowa Gambling Task.

Abstract :

In many domains of society, such as in the military, the police force, financial business and health care, decisions have to be made in which only a thin line exists between success and failure.

In the latter case this may lead to personal dismay and public or political upheaval. Although this thin line is clearly recognized in these professional areas with training and assessment programmes directed at selecting employees, it is only recently that research is disentangling the gender-specific effects of stress and anxiety on brain areas crucial to optimal decision-making, such as fronto-striatal areas.

Such research may contribute to our understanding of the origin and nature of individual differences in stress- and anxiety-related deficits in decision-making and thus improve assessment and prevention techniques. In this presentation I will present recent data of our human and animal research on the interaction between anxiety, stress and decision-making using the Iowa Gambling Task. 

Selected publications

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Françoise Dellu-Hagedorn