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Leica Scientific Forum Bordeaux"Advances in Life Science"

Abstract :

Université de Bordeaux, Institut François Magendie, Rue Camille Saint-Saens,
Venue: Main Conference Room

4:00 pm Welcome by Chairman Prof. Daniel Choquet

Prof. Bruchez’ lecture will cover: – The exploitation of noncovalent interactions between selected expressible polypeptides and low-fluorescence dye molecules to manipulate the brightness, achieving fluorescence enhancements in excess of 10,000-fold.

– The modules are tailored by modification of both the polypeptide and the dye molecule to provide unique sensing and imaging properties, reporting in real-time on subcellular location and target-specific physiology in fluorescent imaging at and beyond the optical diffraction limit.

Discussion 5:15 pm Post Lecture Reception –
Meet the Speaker Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Daniel Choquet (Université de Bordeaux),
Prof. Pierre-François Lenne (IBDML Luminy, Marseille), Prof. Jean Salamero (Institut Curie, Paris),
Prof. Spencer Shorte (Institut Pasteur, Paris), Dr. Thomas Zapf (Leica Microsystems GmbH)

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Title of the talk :
Genetically Targeted Multichromophore Structures for Bright, Sensitive, and Responsive Cellular Imaging”