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Giorgio Coricelli "Assessing strategic risk with fMRI "

Abstract :

Giorgio Coricelli est toujours le seul économiste de formation a avoir été recruté par un laboratoire de neurosciences en France
. Il est surtout un des leaders mondiaux en neuroéconomie dont les travaux sur le regret, notamment, font référence.

Selected publications

Coricelli, G., Rusconi, E. (2010) "Probing with TMS the decisional brain". Handbook of Process Tracing Methods for Decision Research. (in press)
Burnett, S., Bault, N., Coricelli, G., Blakemore S.J. (2010). "Adolescents' heightened risk-seeking in a probabilistic gambling task". Cognitive Development (in press)
Coricelli, G., and Nagel, R. (2010). "Neuroeconomics of depth of reasoning". History of Economic Ideas, vol XVIII, pp. 123-131 (in press).

Coricelli, G., Joffily, M., Montmarquette, C., and Villeval M-C (2010). "Cheating, Emotions, and Rationality: An Experiment on Tax Evasion". Journal of Experimental Economics. (in press)

Scientific focus :

I study human behaviors emerging from the interplay of cognitive and emotional systems. My research agenda includes two main projects. The first one concerns the role of emotions in decision making, and the second is aimed at investigating the relational complexity in social interaction. My objective is to apply robust methods and findings from behavioral decision theory to study the brain structures that contribute to forming judgments and decisions, both in an individual and a social context. I conduct my research using a fundamentally multidisciplinary approach (Neuroeconomics), drawing from behavioral and experimental economics, gametheory, neuroimagery (fMRI), neuropsychology (patients studies), and cognitive neurosciences.

Thomas Boraud