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Ewa Bednarek" Impact of hippocampal structural rearrangements on learning and memory "

Abstract :

Recent advances in in vivo imaging have demonstrated that the adult brain undergoes substantial structural rearrangements.
While most synaptic connections are relatively stable, about 5-10% of synapses display a half-life of days or weeks. Our studies of the unstable synapses in the murine hippocampus have shown that the unstable synapses are specified already in the juvenile animal, and that their specification relies on EphA4 gradient. Here we show that these structural rearrangements and synapse instability have a strong impact on learning and memory. Specifically, when the new changes are not allowed to stabilize it produces a significant defect in memory consolidation.

Selected publications

EphA4 signaling in juveniles establishes topographic specificity of structural plasticity in the hippocampus.Galimberti I, Bednarek E, Donato F, Caroni P. Neuron. 2010 Mar 11;65(5):627-42.

Cyril Herry