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Thomas M. JovinPushing the Dimensions in Optical Sectioning Microscopy. The Programmable Array Microscope (PAM)

Abstract :

Welcome by Chairman Prof. Daniel Choquet

Prof. Thomas M. Jovin’s lecture will cover:

New spectroscopic techniques as well as an instrument denoted as the
Programmable Array Microscope (PAM)
– The PAM is a high throughput system (microscope module) enabling widefield optically sectioned, multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging
New imaging modalities (e.g. FRET), the current state of development of the PAM,
and selected applications



5:15 pm Post Lecture Reception – Meet the Speaker
Scientific Advisory Board: Prof. Daniel Choquet (University Bordeaux),
Prof. Pierre-François Lenne (Institut Fresnel, Marseille),

Prof. Jean Salamero (Institut Curie),
Prof. Spencer Shorte (Institut Pasteur),
Dr. Thomas Zapf (Leica Microsystems GmbH)