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Lynn Nadel"Hippocampus: Context and Memory"

Abstract :

Two major debates continue regarding the functions of the hippocampus: (1) does the hippocampus play a temporary or permanent role in memory; and (2) does the hippocampus play a special role in processing and storing information about space? I will consider recent evidence from our lab concerning both of these questions. In doing so, I will contrast traditional memory consolidation theory, and the more recently proposed "multiple trace theory" (MTT)

Predictions from MTT about the role of the hippocampus, and about the notion of memory reconsolidation will be discussed, and data from both behavioral and neuroimaging studies in humans will be described.

*My research is concerned with the role of the hippocampal formation in learning and memory, and focuses on its particular role in spatial cognition. My earlier work demonstrated that this brain structure was critical for place learning, and is the core of a brain system responsible for creating neural cognitive maps of environments that an animal has explored and must remember. My current work focuses on five aspects of hippocampal function in spatial cognition: (1)the implications of the fact that this cognitive system matures postnatally, in most species only after some months; (2)the computational mechanisms by which the hippocampus actually accomplishes the sotrage and use of cognitive maps; (3)the way in which the hippocampus interacts with the neocortex in the long-term stabilization of memory; (4)gender differences in spatial cognition; and (5) the way in which this cognitive mapping function in humans is expressed in both nonverbal spatial mapping systems and verbal semantic mapping systems. This work involves the study of both animals and humans, as well as computer simulation of hippocampal circuitries and their interaction with neocortical systems. It employs standard behavioral techniques in combination with either experimentally-induced brain damage, or developmentally produced disorders of hippocampal function (as in Down syndrome).
*Nadel Lab


Selected publications


Lynn Nadel a publié en 1978 avec John O'Keefe un livre très influent " The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map"



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