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Fabien Nadrigny"In vivo imaging of neuron-glia dynamics in health and disease"

Abstract :

Recent advances in neurobiology assign always more importance to glial cells, not only in the unexpected field of information processing but also in the more conventional area of pathology as leading players of disease induced reaction. But the precise knowledge of the roles of neuronal and glial cells requires to explore their dynamics and interactions in their native environment, sometimes on the long range and at the single cell level. We present here our observations obtained by applying in vivo two photon laser-scanning microscopy (2P-LSM) on transgenic mice expressing fluorescent proteins in specific cell types. We will mainly focus on the role of glial cells in two different pathological situations: Alzheimer disease and spinal cord injury.
On one hand, we would like to demonstrate that the available mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease based on the induction of amyloid deposits only partially fit the human pathology where the inflammation reaction, mainly triggered by glial cells, could amplify the lesions in a vicious circle.
On the other hand, we will present different projects about the interaction between axons and glial cells in spinal cord injury: what are the molecular mechanisms triggering the glial reaction? Do glial cells play a role in the inability of cut axons to regenerate in the first days after injury? And at last, how can we image multiple transgenic animals to reconstruct the cellular events leading to the formation of the glial scar?
Finally, in the only part of the talk dealing with healthy animals, we will present preliminary data on the mobility of cortical glutamate vesicles explored with in vivo single synapse Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP).

Selected publications

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