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Bruno Gasnier"Electrophysiological analysis of a lysosomal transporter".

Abstract :

Lysosomal hydrolysis products are exported to the cytosol by H+-driven membrane transporters, a process that is defective in some lysosomal storage diseases including rare neurodegenerative diseases. We used a sorting mutant misrouted to the plasma membrane of Xenopus oocytes to characterize human cystinosin, a lysosomal cystine transporter defective in cystinosis, a predominantly renal disease. Application of cystine at acidic pH elicited an inward current coupled to cystine uptake with a 1:1 charge/cystine ratio. Using voltage dependence analysis of steady state currents as well as transient current recording, we show that cystine binding is coupled to protonation of Asp-305 from the extracellular (lysosomal) compartment, thereby accounting for the H+/cystine symport responsible for cystine efflux from the lysosome.


Selected publications

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