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Luca Bonfanti"Adult neurogenesis in rabbits : from olfactory system to cerebellum."

Abstract :

dult neurogenesis is a phylogenetically highly conserved feature, yet most of the current knowledge in this field is based on laboratory rodents. Besides differences among vertebrates, remarkable peculiarities are also emerging in the location and structural/functional features of neurogenic systems in mammals. Despite the Orders Lagomorpha and Rodentia being quite similar, unexpected features of structural plasticity and neurogenesis have been found to occur in the rabbit central nervous system.
In this talk, the structural and temporal characteristics of protracted and persistent neurogenesis in rabbits will be addressed. Attention will be focused on the subventricular zone cytoarchitecture and extensions, as well as on processes of persistent neurogenesis which have been recently demonstrated to occur in the striatum and in the cerebellum. The existence of neural cell progenitors persisting within the rabbit brain parenchyma (so-called non-neurogenic in rodents) will be discussed.        

Selected publications

Bonfanti L, Peretto P (2007) Radial glial origin of the adult neural stem cells in the subventricular zone. Prog Neurobiol 83, 24-36
Ponti G, Peretto P, Bonfanti L (2006) A subpial, transitory germinal zone forms chains of neuronal precursors in the rabbit cerebellum. Dev Biol 294, 168-180

Luzzati F, Peretto P, Aimar P, Ponti G, Fasolo A, Bonfanti L (2003) Glia-independent chains of neuroblasts through the subcortical parenchyma of the adult rabbit brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 100,1 3036-13041

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