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Frédérique Varoqueaux"Role of Neuroligins in Synapse Formation and Function"

Abstract :

Functional alterations of synaptic connections in the central nervous system are underlying numerous psychiatric, neurologic and motor disorders, and are accompanied by first- or second-order structural changes.
Synaptic transmission rely on proper neurotransmitter release at the presynapse, and on the correct assembly of specific adhesion, scaffold, receptor, and signalling proteins both at the pre- and the post-synapse. Neuroligins are postsynaptic adhesion proteins in which mutations have been causally linked to cases of autism. While Neuroligins are thought to be crucial for synapse function, only limited analysis has been performed to determine the exact nature of alterations induced by their absence in a given neuronal network. I will report on the recent identification of interaction partners for Neuroligin2, an isoform present at all inhibitory synapses in vivo. Also, I will summarize the nature of synaptic reorganizations we have identified through an integrative biochemical, morphological and functional approach in specific areas of the Neuroligin2-deficient mouse.

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