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Etienne Koechlin, Séminaire labelisé INB / Ecole doctorale / AXE Cognition"An informatipn-theoretic approach to prefrontal executive function"

Abstract :

The prefrontal cortex subserves executive control, i.e. the ability to select and motivate thoughts or actions in relation with internal goals.
In the last decade, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has provided key new insights about the prefrontal executive function. In this lecture, I will present the fMRI experiments and theory we have developed to understand the organization of executive control in the human prefrontal cortex which combines motivational factors and selection processes in the service of decision-making.

Selected publications

Dreher JC, Koechlin E, Tierney M, Grafman J.
Damage to the fronto-polar cortex is associated with impaired multitasking.
PLoS ONE. 2008 Sep 16;3(9):e3227.

Summerfield C, Koechlin E.
A neural representation of prior information during perceptual inference.
Neuron. 2008 Jul 31;59(2):336-47.

Colette Fabrigoule et Georges Di Scala