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Harold Cremer "Molecular control of cell migration in the mouse forebrain"

Abstract :

Our group investigates the molecular regulation of neurogenesis in the forebrain
, thereby focussing on two particular structures, the developing neocortex and the adult olfactory system. In the latter system, large numbers of neuronal precursors, destined to become GABA- and dopamine-producing interneurons of the olfactory bulb, are permanently generated in the subventricular zone and migrate into the olfactory bulb to differentiate into local interneurons. We used candidate and large scale screening approaches to gain insight into the regulation of this system and developed a new approach to investigate and manipulate the system in vivo by postnatal electroporation.
In the cortex, our interest mainly focuses on the generation of pallial projection neurons and their molecular interaction with interneurons that invade the structure from the subpallial ganglionic eminences. In particular I will report on our work on the transcription factors Cux1 and Cux2 as well as the role of chemokines in the control of cell migration in the system.

Selected publications

David, A., Tiveron, MC., (co-first authors) Defays, A., Beclin, C., Camosseto, V , Gatti, E., Cremer, H., and Pierre. P.
(HC and PP are co-senior/corresponding authors) BAD-LAMP defines a subset of early endocytic organelles in subpopulations of cortical projection neurons . J Cell Sci, (2007) 120:353-65
Tiveron, MC, Rossel, M., Moepps, B., Zhang, Y.L., Seidenfaden, R., Favor, J., König, N., and Cremer, H.,
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J. Neurosci, (2006) 26(51):13273-8
Seidenfaden, R., Desoeuvre, A., Virard, I., Bosio, A., Cremer, H., (2006).
"Glial conversion of SVZ-derived committed neuronal precursors after ectopic grafting into the adult brain."
Mol Cell Neurosci. 2006 May-Jun;32(1-2):187-98

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