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Peter Magill "Dopamine Dependency of Neuronal Oscillations in the Cerebral Cortex and Basal Ganglia"

Abstract :

Studies in the cerebral cortex, particularly the hippocampus,
have suggested that the brain may employ a ‘temporal code’ to represent information. In particular, the precise temporal structure offered by regular fluctuations in activity, or oscillations, maybe important for the encoding and retrieval of information in networks of neurons. Thus, it is possible that disturbances in network oscillations might also underlie brain dysfunction in disease. For example, the chronic loss of dopamine from the basal ganglia and cortex, such as occurs in Parkinson’s disease and its animal models, results in profound changes in neuronal oscillations in these structures.

In this seminar, I will first present evidence that coordinated network oscillations exist in the healthy basal ganglia and cortex. I will then describe the hallmarks of supposed pathological oscillatory activity in the brain in Parkinson’s disease and its models, and explore how these phenomena might contribute to disease symptoms. Finally, I will highlight how animal models of Parkinson’s disease can be exploited to give valuable insight into the mechanisms underlying the pathological brain oscillations observed in patients.

Selected publications

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Thomas Boraud