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Jozsef Csicsvari "Hippocampal reactivation of place-related firing patterns during immobility and sleep"

Abstract :

Hippocampal principal cells (“place cells”) encode space by firing in specific parts of the environment.
Cells encoding the same part of the environment form cell assemblies which are reactivated in subsequent sleep – a process thought to be important in the consolidation of certain memories. Here we show that spatially-selective firing can overlap with sharp waves/ripples (SWR)– the latter representing transient network synchronization hallmarked by a 200Hz ripple oscillations in the CA1 region of the hippocampus. This overlap provides the conditions for place selective assemblies to be formed and later replayed in sleep. Both firing sequences of place cells representing movement paths and co-firing of similar place field cells representing locations are reactivated during sleep. Reactivation of waking firing patterns occurs both during similar SWRs that occur during sleep as well as during other fast oscillatory patterns.

Selected publications

Magill, P.J., Pogosyan, A., Sharott, A., Csicsvari, J., Bolam, J.P. & Brown, P. (2006) Changes in functional connectivity within the rat striatopallidal axis during global brain activation in vivo. J. Neurosci. 26, p6318-6329
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David Dupret