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Pascal Carrive "Contrôle central pré-sympathique des réponses artérielle, cardiaque et de température cutanée associées à la peur conditionnée chez le rat" ("Central control of the cardiovascular response to contextual conditioned fear. Premotor sympathetic centers.")

Abstract :

adiotelemetry and Infrared thermography show that conditioned fear to context, a pure form of psychological stress, is associated with marked autonomic changes including increases in blood pressure, heart rate, and cutaneous vasoconstriction.
I will first describe these changes and then the results of a series of experiment aimed at identifying the premotor sympathetic neurons controlling these autonomic responses. The approach used is both anatomical (double labelling with Fos and a retrograde tracer injected in the thoracic cord) and physiological (intracerebral microinjections of neuronal blockers).
The results suggest that the hypothalamus controls the sympathetic outflow during conditioned fear via direct projections to the spinal cord.

Etienne Coutureau