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Stephan Sigrist "The Drosophila NMJ: an integrative model for the analysis of synaptic plasticity processes"

Abstract :

Recent evidence suggests that the mobility of non-NMDA type glutamate receptors can control synapse efficacy over shorter time periods.

However, so far glutamate receptors have not been imaged in vivo during naturally occurring synapse formation. We use confocal imaging on intact Drosophila larvae expressing fully functional GFP-labeled glutamate receptors marking individual postsynaptic densities. We find that new glutamate receptor fields form exclusively de novo, and reach their mature size in about
24 hrs .
The mobility of glutamate receptors is further analyzed with in vivo photo-bleaching and photo-activation. We find that glutamate receptor entry – mainly derived from diffuse pools of extrasynaptic glutamate receptors - controls the growth of new receptor fields. 

Christophe Mulle