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online October 12,2017

2-year postdoctoral position – Agence-Nationale-Recherche funding Location, intake team and application procedures Brain and Spine Institute, Paris. INSERM U 1127, CNRS 7225, UPMC-Paris 6 Team: Networks dynamics and cellular excitability (Pr. S. Charpier) Candidates should submit curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, a description of their past and present research activity, their technical skills and contact information for two referees. Application should be send to and 
starting date: 02/01/2018

Title of the project Multi-scale in vivo electrophysiology and morphology in a rodent genetic model of absence epilepsy Presentation of the team and main scientific objective Our research team, composed of electrophysiologists, neurophysiologists, clinicians and experts in brain signals processing, investigates in vivo, from human epileptic patients and appropriate animal models, different facets of the pathophysiology of epilepsy (epileptogenesis, ictogenesis, seizure activities and clinical symptoms). The team develops translational projects, combining multi-scale in vivo electrophysiological investigations during spontaneously occurring seizures, to establish the mechanistic links between single neuron properties and the large-scale brain dynamics which govern seizures emergence and their clinical manifestations. We are looking for a highly motivated post-doctoral fellow to investigate in vivo the cortical mechanisms responsible for the post-natal emergence of recurrent epileptic seizures in a rodent genetic model of absence epilepsy.

The position requires a solid background in cellular and network electrophysiology, long-term expertise in intracellular or patch-clamp recordings from living animals. It is also recommended that the candidate will have experience in in vivo single cell (juxta- and/or intracellular) labelling for subsequent morphological analysis.

online October 3 , 2017

Anne MICHEL, PhD. 
Associate Director Pharmacology &  In vivo Models
UCB Biopharma SPRL.
Chemin du Foriest.
B-1420 Braine L’Alleud.
+32 2 386 38 37.

UCB aspires to be the patient-centric global biopharmaceutical leader transforming the lives of people living with severe diseases. We focus on central nervous system and immunology disorders. Our promise is to help tackle the serious unmet medical needs affecting patients around the globe. An important part of our philosophy is to take a holistic approach to patients, which aims to find solutions tailored to their circumstances. By taking into account patients’ individual characteristics and lifestyles, such as age, diet, family history and genetic profile, we are also coming closer to providing personalized therapies. 

With over 20 years of experience in research and development of neurology drugs, we are now building on our proven track record of innovative discovery approaches with a long-term commitment to neurology research. We now have an exciting opportunity in the New Medicines department at our research site in Belgium, close to Brussels(Braine l’Alleud), for a Research Scientist position. The candidate will join the In Vivo Pharmacology group efforts in the pharmacological characterization and development of small molecules and biologics for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Design, execute and interpret complex in vivo studies for the validation and characterization of targets or therapeutic agents in neurodegeneration.
  • Establish and perform in vivo model development, efficacy and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) biomarker studies in rodents.
  • May perform microsurgery studies (stereotactic injections) and in vivo activities with radioisotopes.
  • Manage multiple in vivo experiments simultaneously.
  • Analyze and present data in a clear presentation ready format.
  • Contribute to various projects, collaborate with stakeholders from all relevant functions, and keep up-to-date in the literature related to his/her field.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders across our interdisciplinary research group to prioritize and execute in vivo studies.
  • Participate in project teams, and demonstrate clear and professional verbal and written communication.


  • PhD in neuroscience,  industry/ lab/ academic experience.
  • Knowledge of concepts of neurodegenerative mechanisms.
  •  A solid understanding of experimental design, underlying scientific principles, and the ability to rigorously analyze and document results.
  • Experience with small laboratory animal:  pharmacological agent administration via IV, IP, SC, IM and PO dosing routes; handling and surgery; tissue harvest and biochemical fractionation methods. Experience in micro-dissection is a plus.
  • Thorough experience with data analysis software.
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, ability to clearly communicate results and to maintain detailed written records.
  • Ability to effectively present scientific data and concepts to colleagues and teams is required, and experience presenting at external meetings is desirable.
  • Experience in writing technical drafts for ethical committee and HSE.

Specific Requirements

  • Working fluency in English
  • Accreditation or Certification of Regularization by Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA), or similar foreign certification.

online  September 28,  2017

The laboratory of Neurophysiology at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB, Brussels), member of the ULB-Neuroscience Institute ( is recruiting a full time IT manager for a permanent position ( Référence 2017/41) The functions include: -
Computer support for the various activities of the laboratory of Neurophysiology ( & which includes both the processing of in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology data, imaging and behavioural analysis; as well as the Microscopy Facilitator Facility (LiMiF - Management of the local network and massive data flows (Tbs/year, continuous increase), in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology and imaging, server configuration and maintenance, data security, backup, archiving, etc . ; - IT support and support for the analysis of electrophysiological signals and image analysis to researchers; - Support for the implementation and maintenance of data acquisition systems for electrophysiology (patch clamp and imaging) in vitro and in vivo (Neuralinx) (optogenetics, behaviour, electrophysiology in vivo and calcium imaging by micro-endoscopy (Inscopix ) Development of software and script for coupling electrophysiological recordings or in vivo imaging and behavior (Matlab); - Support for simple analysis of imaging data (generic analyses for most users eg segmentation, counts) by open source software (eg ImageJ / Fiji) or commercial eg (LiMiF) ZEN, Huygens, Imaris, including support for local development of these softwares (macro / plugins). Some specific projects that require further development in image analysis will have to rely on dedicated resources (e.g. Master students in engineering / computer science, postdoc project, etc.); - Management of existing online booking software and their development according to the implementation of new equipments. More...