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The International Nutribrain Summer School

Aim of the school
The International Nutrition and Brain Summer School aims at combining theoretical and practical training. Methodological and goal-oriented training are achieved by guiding the students through hands-on experiments within the frame of short scientific projects. In addition, the school promotes interactions between students and internationally renowned scientists and offers conditions to stimulate students' discussion on lectures and laboratory experiences. For the 2012 school's edition, the central topic is Nutrition and Cognition. This highly innovative topic will be studied from an integrative point of view from molecular to behavioural levels in experimental models and humans.

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Below Nutribrain's students 2012

Organizing scientific committee

Layé Sophie - Coordinator
Darnaudéry Muriel
Ferreira Guillaume
Lafenêtre Pauline
Nadjar Agnès
Pallet Véronique
Cunnane Stephen
Martinez Alfredo
Del Puy Portillo María