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International PhD program in Neuroscience

Le 31 mai 2018


The PhD program in Neuroscience is part of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program, supported by the University of Bordeaux Research Graduate School. The PhD program in Neuroscience takes place within the research laboratories of the dynamic neuroscience community of Bordeaux Neurocampus. 

The program addresses a wide range of topics on the complexity of brain functions and diseases. Our teams and partners have diverse as well as complementary expertise, that includes: high-resolution imaging and cell biology of the neuron, animal and human behavior, physiology of neural networks, mechanisms of neurodegenerative and mental disorders. Multidisciplinary technological approaches and multiscale analyses are employed, at the molecular, cellular, systemic, behavioral, and clinical levels.  

Online Application Deadline : July 31st, 2018
Program Starting Date : Fall 2018
Full time Duration : 3 years
Level obtained : PhD degree

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Selected as a French Initiative of Excellence, the PhD program in Neuroscience focuses on knowledge, innovation and cross-disciplinarity. PhD students benefit from a variety of educational programs, ambitious training initiatives, international conferences and cutting-edge research facilities. 

The International PhD training offer includes: 
- Research projects in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories
- 100 hours of additional courses, with a balance between disciplinary (Neuroscience) and   complementary training.
- Monthly PhD seminar series currently organized by PhD students.
- Hands-on training workshops as a trainee or instructor at the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience.

All courses are delivered in English.

For the year 2018, the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program offers 6 PhD positions.

Application requirements
- Hold a Master degree* 
- Prove excellent academic and scientific level
- Demonstrate previous experience in a research laboratory
- Have an adequate level in English
*Applicants are expected to hold their Master diploma for the registration step at the very latest .

Admission process
Admission to the PhD Program involves 4 steps:
1/ Online application (pre-selection): personal details, documents to provided and a list of 3 preferred PhD research project among the list of PhD research projects 
2/ Personal interview (selection) (in person at Bordeaux Neurocampus or via skype): 30 minutes to present academic background, research experience, motivation and arguments justifying the choice of 3 preferred PhD research projects
3/ Discussion and final validation with the PhD supervisor (the applicant is invited to directly contact and organize meetings with the PhD supervisors of its preferred PhD research projects during his stay for interviews)
4/ Registration at the Life and Health Science Doctoral School of the University of Bordeaux


Online Applications Deadline


Pre-selection by the selection committee

 September 2018

Personal interviews and selection (in person at Bordeaux or via Skype) 


Meet and validation with the PhD supervisor


Finale notification by the selection committee

October 2018

Registration and Start

Fall 2018 
Deadline 03/12/2018

- 6 Fellowships offered by the program
- Mobility grants are available upon application
- Annual university registration fees: approximatively 400 €

An integrated, innovative and cross-disciplinary international PhD program in neuroscience taking place within a vibrant scientific community. PhD students benefit from:  
- The expertise of the  Bordeaux Neurocampus research laboratories covering  a wide variety of skills and technologies from basic to applied and translational research. Research laboratories
- Cuttting-edge facilities that feature technological innovations and provide graduates with hands-on training 
- International mobility and/or training opportunities 
- Access to international scientific networks via structured academic and industrial partnerships 
- Career guidance services to support the professional insertion of graduates

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