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Connectomics: from Micro-to Meso-and Macro-Scales

Cajal School 2017 Bordeaux Neurocampus

Du 2 octobre 2017 au 21 octobre 2017

The CAJAL course in Connectomics is an intensive three-week course
that guides participants through the theory and practice of state-of the art methods to address pertinent questions in the field of structural/functional connectomics from mice to man. This goal will be achieved through a unique balance of lectures from world-wide experts in their respective fields to experimental demonstrations and hands-on laboratory work in small groups. During the course each participant will become familiar with a range of approaches, ranging from connectivity studies in the brain slice and in vivo in the behaving brain using electrophysiological, calcium imaging, optogenetic, viral trans-synaptic tracing, whole brain clearing and neuroimaging approaches with magnetic resonance imaging (functional and structural imaging) in both mice and human subjects (performed on the participants) and postmortem tissue.

 Applications are open
Apply here / Deadline extended: 19 June 2017 (Midnight Brussels time)

Keynote Speakers (Details Biosketch here...)

3 October: Troy Margrie Talk’s title: “Cellular dissection of cortical circuit function”

4 October: Moritz Helmstaedter Talk’s title: "Cerebral Cortex Connectomics"

5 October: Larry Swanson Talk’s title: “Macroconnectomics (and the future of systems neuroscience)”

6 October: Gordon Shepherd Talk’s title: "Synaptic circuit organization of neocortex: a motor system perspective"

9 October: Thomas Mrsic-Flogel Talk’s title: "Principles of connectivity in cortical circuits"

10 October: Fritjof Helmchen Talk’s title: "Novel optical approaches to study mesoscale functional connectivity in the mouse brain during tactile discrimination behaviour”

12 October: Julie Harris Talk’s title: “Cell type-specific mesoscale connectivity maps”

13 October: Kenneth Harris Talk’s title: "Understanding neuronal population activity"

16 October: Karl Zilles Talk’s title: "New approaches to study connectivity: Detection of functional systems using multi-receptor fingerprints and visualization of fiber tracts using polarized light imaging"

17 October: Bernard Mazoyer Talk’s Title: "Population neuroimaging: a primer"

18 October: Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer Talk’s title: soon…

19 October: Ed Bullmore Talk’s title: "Economical brain networks in health and disease" 20 October: Olaf Sporns Talk’s title: "Computational Connectomics"

Ion channels in the brain in health and disease / Cajal school 2017 / Bordeaux Neurocampus
4 - 22 September 2017