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Bio-Imaging Master's Program in Bordeaux

Le 3 mai 2016

Welcome to the webpage of the International Bio-imaging Master Programme.

This master is housed by the University of Bordeaux, in a gorgeous vineyard areain the South-West of France, 40 miles from the sea-side and 130 miles from the Pyrenean Mountains and Spain, in a very mild weather.
The University of Bordeaux is the locus of active area of research, especially in the field of bio-imaging (imaging of intact living systems) from the cell level to human whole-body.
The bio-imaging master programme aims at bringing to student high-level skills in bio-imaging for either academic or private jobs, as well as for future PhD.
A strong team of teachers are involved in giving high level education and reknowned and well-funded laboratories offer strong opportunities of research internship.
This program is taught mostly in English. It is open worldwide to students with a Bsc in biology, biochemistry, physical chemistry or physics.
Enjoy visiting our site and please feel free to contact us for more details !

Valentin Nâgerl, head of the Bio-imaging Master Programme

Eric Thiaudière, head of the Bio-imaging Master Programme

Language : Whenever most (if not all) the courses are in English, France iself is NOT an english-speaking country ! Learning french is mandatoty for common purposes. French lessons (not free) are available at the DEFLE in the University :

This course gives 3 ECTS for your Master Degree
Lessons starts usually at the beginning of september and the beginning of january
Exam Session : december-january and beginning of june
M1 Internship : april-may
M2 Internship : January - May