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NEURONAL CELL BIOLOGY public seminars, open to everyone

CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme

Le 11 juillet 2016

The seminars are open to everyone and there is no need to book in advance.
: Functional Genomic Centre (CGFB) – University of Bordeaux

Tuesday 12th of July
9h00-10h30 Matthijs Verhage
11h00-12h30 Volker Haucke
Wednesday 13th of July
9h00-10h30 Jeroen Pasterkamp
11h00-11h45 Julien Falk
11h45-12h30 Lukas Kapitein
Friday 15th of July
9h00-10h30 Christian Lohmann
11h00-11h45 David Perrais
11h45-12h30 Martin Heine
Saturday 16th of July
9h00-10h30 Eva Mandelkow
11h00-11h45 Laura Sayas
11h45-12h30 Alexandre Favereaux
Monday 18th of July
9h00-10h30 Jan Pielage
11h00-11h45 Pirta Hotulainen
11h45-12h30 Martin Harterink
Tuesday 19th of July
9h00-10h30 Villu Maricq
11h00-12h30 Vann Bennett
Friday 22nd of July
9h00-10h30 Pico Caroni
11h00-11h45 Vincent Studer
11h45-12h30 Mireille Montcouquiol
Saturday 23rd of July
9h00-10h30 Carlos Dotti
11h00-11h45 Adna Dumitrescu
11h45-12h30 Gregory Giannone
Monday 25th of July
9h00-10h30 Valerie Castellani
11h00-11h45 Fernando Mar
11h45-12h30 Christophe Leterrier
Tuesday 26th of July
9h00-10h30 James Fawcett
11h00-11h45 Natalia Sanchez-Soriano
11h45-12h30 Etienne Herzog
Thursday 28th of July
9h00-10h30 Olivier Thoumine
11h00-11h45 Harold MacGillavry
11h45-12h30 Andreas Prokop
Friday 29th of July
9h00-10h30 Monica Di Luca
11h00-11h45 Corette Wierenga
11h45-12h30 Sebastian Dupraz