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Master 2: Bourses de la Maison du Cerveau" !

Le 10 novembre 2017

The Maison du Cerveau proposes to grant 4 scholarships to cover the entire Master2 fee during the 6 months of the Master's internship in the laboratory
Eligibility criteria :

-       The project should be conducted in one of the Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories
-       The project should help our understanding of brain diseases

Application format: The application should follow the format of the template, and include a CV (1 page max) and presentation of the project (500 words maximum, should be strictly followed).

-       The length of the project is 500 words maximum (strict), including legend and with 1 figure max, not including the references (5 references max)
-       The project can be written either in English or in French
-       The project is submitted by the Master Student

Evaluation criteria:

-       Scientific interest of the project
-       University cursus including lab experience and mobility
-       Feasibility
-       How the project could help our understanding of brain diseases
-       Writing quality

Deadline for submission: 22/12/2017, 16h00, Please send your proposal by email to Claire Herzog (claire.herzog @

For more information, please contact Claire Herzog (claire.herzog @

Download the Master_application_file.docx