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Appel à propositions ERC Advanced Grant 2015

Le 2 février 2015

Le Conseil européen de la Recherche va publier le 10 février 2015 l'appel à propositions ERC Advanced Grant 2015 - ERC-2015-AdG à l'attention des chercheurs confirmés. Date limite de candidature : le 2 juin 2015 à 17h00 (heure de Bruxelles). La cellule ERC de l'Inserm est à votre disposition.

Starting Grants may be awarded up to a maximum of EUR 1 500 000 for a period of 5 years.

However, up to an additional EUR 500 000 can be requested in the proposal to cover (a) eligible "start-up" costs for Principal Investigators moving to the EU or an Associated Country from elsewhere as a consequence of receiving the ERC grant and/or (b) the purchase of major equipment and/or (c) access to large facilities.

Profile of the ERC Starting Grant Principal Investigator

The Principal Investigator shall have been awarded their first PhD at least 2 and up to 7 years prior to 1 January 2015. The effective elapsed time since the award of the first PhD can be reduced in certain properly documented circumstances.

A competitive Starting Grant Principal Investigator must have already shown the potential for research independence and evidence of maturity, for example by having produced at least one important publication without the participation of their PhD supervisor. Applicant Principal Investigators should also be able to demonstrate a promising track record of early achievements appropriate to their research field and career stage, including significant publications (as main author) in major international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scientific journals, or in the leading international peer-reviewed journals of their respective field. They may also demonstrate a record of invited presentations in well-established international conferences, granted patents, awards, prizes etc.

For further information please see the ERC Work Programme 2015.