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Call for Application LabEx BRAIN

Scientific Projects Program 2014 -2015

Le 4 juillet 2014

The LabEx BRAIN deadline for submission is on September 16th , 13h00
For Inter-LabEx proposals, don’t forget to add a support letter from the director of the other LabEx partners. Don’t hesitate to contact Claire Herzog for any question (05 57 57 36 78) ou

In the Eligibility Criteria nb 2 “Among the partners, the coordinating team must belong to Bordeaux Neurocampus” Bordeaux Neurocampus should be taken in a broad sense, see all the concerned teams here 

Scientific Projects 2014-2015 ,

download the form....Télécharger le fichier «form.docm» (95.4 KB)

download the
Call for Application LabEx BRAIN...





Contact: Claire Herzog (claire.herzog @
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