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Mystères et plaisirs du 'Drug Development"

de la valorisation...avec des articles de Thomas Blackburn, Erwan Bézard dans cette édition spéciale...

Le 27 novembre 2013

Dans le dernier "Neurobiology of Disease"  plusieurs papiers bien informés formant un guide pour le lancement de start up Biotech ...

Volume 61 - selected

Neurological drug development: from bench to bedside

Editorial foreword
I started my virtual biotech venture in 2008, following an entrepre- neurial seizure, after several post-ictal entrepreneurial events over a lifetime in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry.
For me, it was a game-changer, as I could see, like many others the challenges and turmoil of restructuring and diversification faced by my industry in the global economic downturn. With hindsight, perhaps 2008 was not a good time to start a business venture, but when is a good time? Starting a business is a high-risk venture in the best of economic times.

So when Dr. Erwan Bezard and I spoke earlier this year about our encounters mentoring young academic scientists and biotech start-up companies, it was clear to both of us that these young entrepreneurs, eager to spin-out of academia with their inventions and patents to form a start-up company, were desperately seeking knowledge and guidance that was not always readily available to them within academia......

Ci dessous  les articles en question.....

Neurological drug development: A guide for a start-up biotech

Pages 1-5

Thomas P. Blackburn, Erwan Bezard


CNS drug development in Europe — Past progress and future challenges Review Article

Pages 6-20

David J. Nutt, Jim Attridge


Commercial viability of CNS drugs: Balancing the risk/reward profile Review Article

Pages 21-24

Ginger S. Johnson


Managing your patent assets Review Article

Pages 25-31

Mary Catherine Di Nunzio


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