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Ph.D extension grant

Call for Application LabEx BRAIN

Du 29 mai 2013 au 1 juillet 2013

Pour toutes les équipes neurosciences, une bourse ouverte aux étudiants en fin de thèse.
The deadline for submission is July 1st

Additional information:

1- Please indicate the date (or approximate date) of the defence and the requested budget (nb of month). The grant can start before the defence with a student salary, and follow on after defence with a young post-doc salary.

2- You are allowed to include figures if needed.

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Call for Application LabEx BRAIN

Ph.D extension grant

The LabEx BRAIN offers to students from Bordeaux a fellowship to complete their Ph.D thesis, either before or after the defense. The fellowship aims at funding either a fourth year of Ph.D or up to one year immediately after a 3 year Ph.D, covering up a period to finish projects before leaving for a post-doc.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to also submit to other grants (FRM…). There is no limitation concerning the number of candidates per team. The funding can last up to one year.

 Eligibility criteria:

1. The PhD must be conducted in a Bordeaux Neurosciences laboratory
2. The candidate has already accomplished the 3rd years of his/her Ph.D (funding the 4th year only, provided it is accepted by the doctorate school)
3. The end of the LabEx PhD extension grant doesn’t exceed one year after the defense.

 Evaluation criteria:

1. Curriculum and career plan
2. Quality of the application
3. Quality of the methodology (progress achieved and planning for the completion of the thesis, feasibility)
4. Potential to result in high impact publications

 Submission format:

1. General Information:

a) Title of the PhD
b) Host laboratory, supervisor
c) Curriculum and career plan, including:

  i.   Fellowship obtained for the first 3 years + submitted grant for PhD completion
 ii.  Indication of active seeking of a post-doc (e.g. e-mail with potential post-doc laboratory…)  
 iii.  Publication list (published, submitted and in progress)

2. Abstract (250 words)
3. Description of the accomplished experiments and obtained results (300 words)
4. Workplan and expected results (300 words)

 The deadline for submission is July 1st. Proposals will be evaluated by members of the LabEx BRAIN steering committee. The selected projects will be published around July 20th.

 For additional information,

Claire Herzog, Claire.Herzog @; Tél. 05 57 57 36 78