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Bordeaux Neurocampus: 6 Neuroscience Departments

Le 19 juin 2018

Bordeaux Neurocampus with 50 research groups is organized in institutes and research units affiliated to the CNRS, the INSERM and the INRA.
Description of research team activities can be found on the websites of the following departments:

Institute for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (IINS)  research teams...

Dynamic organization & Function of synapses
Daniel Choquet
Computational and Systems Neuroscience
Frédéric Gambino
Temporal and mechanical control of motile structures
Gregory Giannone
Development and Adaptation of Neuronal Circuits
Laurent Groc
Synapse in Cognition
Yann Humeau
Central Mechanisms of Pain Sensitization
Marc Landry
Synaptic Circuits of Memory
Christophe Mulle
Synaptic Plasticity and Super-Resolution Microscopy
Valentin Nägerl
Quantitative Imaging of the Cell
Jean-Baptiste Sibarita
Cell Adhesion Molecules in Synapse Assembly
Olivier Thoumine
Olfaction and Memory
Lisa Roux

Neurocentre Magendie research teams 

Glia-neuron interactions
Stéphane OLIET
Physiopathology and therapeutic approaches of stress-related diseases
Jean-Michel REVEST
Psychobiology of drug addiction
Neurogenesis and pathophysiology
Planar polarity and plasticity
Mireille MONTCOUQUIOL / Nathalie SANS
Endocannabinoids and Neuroadaptation
Energy Balance and Obesity
Daniela COTA
Cortical Plasticity
Andreas FRICK
Pathophysiology of declarative memory
Neuronal circuits of associative learning
Neural Circuits of Anxiety

Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience  Aquitaine Institute  research teams

Auditory perception and development 
Laurent Demany 
Brain molecular imaging
Jérôme Badaut 
Coordination and Plasticity of Spinal Generators (CPGs)
Sandrine Bertrand 
Decision and adaptation (DECAD)
Etienne Coutureau 
Development of neuronal networks in normal et pathological conditions (DSMN)
Pascal Branchereau 
Hybrid Sensorimotor Performance (HYBRID)
Aymar de Rugy 
Memory Interaction Networks, Drugs and Stress (MINDS)
Daniel Beracochea and Vincent David 
Motor, Control and Cognition (MOCOCO)
Arnaud Badets 
Neuroimaging and human cognition
Igor Sibon and Joël Swendsen 
Martine Cador 
Neurobiology of behavior
Youn CHO
Organization and Adaptability of Spinal Motor Systems (OASM)
Muriel Thoby-Brisson 
Angelo Contarino
PET research
P. Fernandez

Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases  teams

Pathophysiology of parkinsonian syndromes
Erwan Bézard
Dynamics of neuronal and vascular networks underlying memory processing
Bruno Bomtempi
Dopamine and neuronal assemblies
Jérôme Baufreton and François Georges
Neurofunctional imaging group
Nathalie Tzourio Mazoyer
Physiology and pathophysiology of executive functions
Thomas Boraud and Pierre Burbaud
Neurochemistry, deep brain stimulation and Parkinson’s disease
Abdelhamid Benazzouz
Mnemosyne : Mnemonic synergy
Pathological decision-making in addiction
Serge Ahmed

NutriNeuro research teams

Psychoneuroimmunology and nutrition
Sophie Laye and Lucile Capuron
Nutrition, memory and glucocorticoids
Marie-Pierre Moisan and Guillaume Ferreira

SanPsy / Sleep, Attention and Neuropsychiatry teams

Sleep, Attention Disorder Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity and Aging
Psychiatry and Addiction
Marc Auriacombe
Cognitive and Emotional Neuroimaging of Sleep
Ellemarije Altena