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Bordeaux Neurosciences

Bordeaux, an international center for training and research in Neuroscience.

An international research community, hosts PhD students, post-docs and researchers from over 20 different nationalities.

Bordeaux Neuroscience is an active knot in European research and training networks. Bordeaux Neuroscience is a founding member of the European Neuroscience Campus, ENC, a network of Neuroscience research centers with Amsterdam, Berlin Coimbra, Göttingen, and Zürich.

Students from Europe and abroad are welcome to apply to Neurasmus,an Erasmus Mundus Neuroscience Master program coordinated by Bordeaux, (http://www.neurasmus.u- bordeaux2.fr/)

 or to the Erasmus Mundus PhD training program (http://www.enc-network.eu/). Bordeaux Neuroscience laboratories also participate in Marie Curie Initial training networks such    as    SyMBaD,    devoted    to synapse    research

 The    ISIS    Tempus    project (http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/tempus/) coordinated by Bordeaux is a highly selective European Program which aims to implement a joint Master degree of Biotechnology    and    Neuroscience, shared by Northern and Southern insti- tutions in partner Countries surrounding Europe.
Bordeaux Neuroscience hosts a FENS training center, the Bordeaux Synapse Summer school (http://www.escube.u- bordeaux2.fr/), and aims to extend its international training activities, with the project of an International School of Neuroscience.


BORDEAUX PROGRAM IN NEUROSCIENCE a network in neuroscience...

Bordeaux Neurosciences works in collaboration with local Doctoral Schools and Universities to offer students a high level of doctoral training.

The Bordeaux Doctoral School organizes student training both in theoretical and experimental aspects of neuroscience. The goal of the Ph.D. Program in Neuroscience is to educate students for careers in neuroscience research and teaching. Neuroscience research at Bordeaux University covers broad areas in the field, including molecular, cellular, systems, experimental neurosciences,

 Summer Schools and PhD Program

  1. Nutribrain
  2. Escube (European Synapse Summer School)
  3. Symbad
  4. Neurasmus
  5. ENC Network Doctorate

    6. New Master Bio-Imaging Bordeaux

European Neuroscience Campus


European Neuroscience Campus